Friday, January 27, 2012

Pornge Anyone?

My 8 year old diva has always had trouble with pronunciation. When she was a toddler I had to take her to a Speech Pathologist for tips in getting her to use her throat, not just the tip of her tongue, to make sounds. Now-a-days, she simply gets tripped up over lengthy words. It's quite adorable if you ask me.

Magazine is Mazagine.

San Jacinto is San Dakindo.

Photography is Tafroggery.

And so on.

Last nights homework required her to rhyme words. She chose to try and rhyme "orange." This is how the conversation (with herself, mind you) went down:
 "What rhymes with orange? Ooohhhhh!!!! I know! PORNGE!!!!" 
I had to walk away to get my laugh out. Explaining to her why I thought "pornge" was so funny would have most likely damaged her....for life.

I love that joy and laughter are found in the silliest things...even when no one else seems to find the humor in said little things. These days, I find myself laughing at the hand fate has given me. The best way to describe it is by sharing the latest entry from  
When Fate steps in...

It is amazing, really.

You’re traveling along on your own little journey, lost in your own little world, and out of nowhere it seems, the right something (or dare I even say, someone?) crosses paths with yours. When I say right, I mean that certain something (and yes okay, possibly someone) who’s sudden, un-expected presence makes you stop dead-in-your-tracks so that you can catch your breath. 

Because it’s just what you needed. The realization takes your breath away.    

And you can’t believe your luck that it just showed up one day, out of the blue, when you weren’t even looking for anything like it. When you didn’t even know that it was just the thing you’ve been missing in your travels all along. 

So, you take it with you as you continue onward.  

You embrace it.

You’re grateful for it. 

You give it all you’ve got.  For what it’s worth, it changes you enough where you re-evaluate where you’re going and how you plan to get there.
Two breathtakingly beautiful moments happened this weekend. Being my birthday weekend, I could not have asked for a better present. As much as I'd love to shout it from the rooftops what happened, it's one of those moments that are best cherished in private. The kind of moment that made me stop dead-in-my-tracks. The kind of moment that made me ask Fate, "Really? Now? So soon? Are you suuuuuure?"

Just like hearing "pornge" for the first time, causing my heart to lift at the sweet sound of my daughter's confident voice, hearing Fate whisper to my soul, "Jump!" has brought a depth of peace to my being that words cannot even describe. I used to thumb my nose at Fate, wondering "How could you??? How could you make me share so much of my life with such an unloving person? How could you bring my idea of perfection into my life that I'm on the fast track to my 40's?? Why not 20 years ago when we first met??"

The answer was hidden beneath the pain of not being able to touch him everyday; beneath the sadness that I've lost 20 years with him; beneath the fear of not having him for the rest of my life.

I wasn't ready.

I wasn't ready to be loved.

I wasn't ready to love.

Staring comfort in the face, seeing myself lost in his soul, is like hearing pornge for the first time. Silly. Sweet. Unfamiliar.

It's Fate's way of saying, "You're ready."


  1. Thank you again for linking my blog and quoting me. I am still beaming over this :)

  2. Too bad I didn't "shout it from the roof tops" what made me feel so special on my birthday weekend. Cuz dammit now I can't remember what it was!!!!